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Etude Prestigious cosmetic care in Russia

Étude Enseignes spécialisées dans la parfumerie23 septembre 2020

How can you optimise, your sales, marketing and communication strategy ?

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This previously unreleased study on the Russian market for prestigious brand cosmetics was put together to help you to optimise your export, implantation or development strategy in terms of sales, marketing and communication.

  • In terms of sales, the survey will help you to understand what the competition looks like and how to exploit new sources of added value on the Russian market by particularly providing details on the structure of the market for facial care and body care from prestigious brands.
  • In terms of marketing, the survey identifies the driving levers and the «product mix» elements to which the Russian purchasers are most sensitive and particularly notes: The most influential components of the marketing mix in the eyes of potential purchasers of prestigious rand cosmetic care. The markets best-practices: the brands most associated by potential purchasers to each component in the marketing mix. The marketing impact (per brand), namely the capacity of the different components in the mix to make prestigious brand cosmetic care attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.
  • In terms of communication, the survey determines the most relevant and most influential means of communication and contact points (media / non media) for Russian buyers of prestigious brand cosmetic care.

813 Russian buyers of prestigious brand cosmetic products questioned between 13th and 20th July 2011


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Publiée en Août 2011
Pages : 90
Tarifs : 5.500 euros

Etude Prestigious cosmetic care in Russia

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